About Us

In January of 2017, SA Water started off very small: Jayson, who came from the hospitality industry, Byron who has been in the water game for 6 years and Zandi our Production Manager.

As we started getting our orders in, all three of us would rinse, fill, cap, label and package the orders. Over the next few months we started picking up more orders with companies like Water From Air, SMG and H2Oasis. We soon became a team of 5. We really have grown from strength to strength.

Our goal has always been a commitment to play a vital role in growing South Africa's struggling manufacturing sector and to provide employment initiatives. We strive to be the leading water bottling planting SA with a large, well-trained team working together, and to also be beverage manufacturers with an unbeatable personalized customer service.

Our key strengths:

We aim to give you an unbeatable personalized customer service